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Who We Are

Riveted By Design is a family operated business, Stephanie and Sean are the makers. Married in August 2018, our wedding was our first big creative project together. 

Riveted By Design owners Stephanie and Sean seated on a red vintage couch, looking at each other and smiling on their wedding day.
Stephanie and Sean of Riveted By Design dancing on a gravel road on their wedding day.

Our shared vision of the future allows us to work together, creating alluring and practical items that are in alignment with the wisdom of the Slow Movement. ​Our leather journals and accessories are made by hand, by us. We take the time to measure, cut, stitch, rivet and embellish with thoughtfulness and care. We are mindful of the way we use our resources, we aim to minimize waste and find innovative ways to repurpose scraps. Our ideal customers are applying the principle of "buying less and choosing well”

Drawn to an aesthetic that echoes nature and working primarily with leather, we see the potential for a unique piece in the natural flaws found on a hearty, rugged hide. We use leather to create our hand bound diaries and keepsake artistic journals because we think it is a naturally beautiful and extremely durable material. 


We are energetic, salt of the earth type people with a drive to make, do, shape, and create. We love working with our hands to bring new life to leather and to shape rough edges into a functional, stylish and enduring piece of work. 

Photography credit: Emilie Smith Photography 

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