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Supple teal leather with black accents make up this gorgeous art journal. Plenty of space for sketching, mixed media, scrapbooking and more! It has a charming silver heart lock and key closure.  


This item is Made To Order so if you are interested, please contact us to make a restocking request. 


All of our journals are slow made in Canada. This means that they are made by hand, by us. We take the time to measure, cut, stitch, rivet and embellish with thoughtfulness and care. Each one of our hand-bound journals is different from the next. We incorporate the "live edge" of the leather and we celebrate the natural flaws, so while we may remake certain styles, they are never exactly the same - how boring would that be?!


When you purchase a journal like this, or any other locally handcrafted product, it helps demonstrate the importance of the Slow Made Movement in fashion and culture. The emphasis is shifting from cheap / easy / disposable to lasting quality and craftsmanship made with heart and soul. For ecologic, economic and personal or spiritual reasons, we are all gradually embracing this mindset. 


Art Journal | Sketchbook

    • leather art journal, 12.5" x 9.75"
    • hand stitched leather binding
    • teal with black accents 
    • silver lock and key and rivets
    • high quality, unlined mixed media art paper
    • 90 pages; natural white colour, medium tooth
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