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Want the satisfaction of binding your own leather journal? Great! We're excited to offer a Maker's Kit for our Large Minimalist Style Journals so you can do it yourself. We make it convenient and cost effective by measuring, cutting, and punching the leather cover, the ties, and the paper. No tools required, no big awkward leather hide to manage and cut. You do the funnest part which is the actual binding! 


This is also a great option for those who want to create an art or keepsake journal. The pages can be worked on a flat surface before binding into the journal for the final creation. Working on the art before binding would be most helpful if using a gel printing plate, for example.


The kit includes written instructions. Keep an eye on our blog or join the email list - soon we will have a full tutorial on how to use the kits. It's pretty straightforward! 

Maker's Kit | Large Journal

    • finished size 9.5" x 7"
    • large leather journal cover pre cut and punched
    • leather binding ties pre cut
    • simple tie closure pre cut
    • high quality, unlined mixed media art paper pre punched
    • 90 pages; natural white colour, medium tooth
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