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Made to order. 


Beautiful handmade leather cuff and choker collar with lace detail. This set is made with black leather, black lace and gold hardware. The choker features a heart shaped connector. These cuffs look so good worn as jewelry as well as restraints. We put a lot of effort and love into the making of these sets because we're truly passionate about the outcome. If you're looking for a traditional third anniversary gift (leather) with some spice - these are for you!


Message us to inquire about customizations in colour and sizing.


Available in various colours- we have many leather options in stock (brown, green, turquoise, etc) so if you desire something that is not listed here, message us and we will try to help!


Lace Detail: 

  • red
  • purple
  • black


  • red
  • black


  • silver
  • gun metal black
  • gold


Full Set includes: collar, handcuffs x2, handcuff connector, ankle cuffs

Handcuffs include: handcuffs x2, handcuff connector

Ankle cuffs include: ankle cuffs x2

Leather & Lace Restraints | Black with Black Lace

  • Full Set includes: 1 collar, 2 handcuffs, handcuff connector, 2 ankle cuffs

    Handcuffs include: 2 wrist cuffs, cuff connector

    Ankle Cuffs include: 2 ankle cuffs 

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