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Our new Mini Pocket Journals are the smaller version of our Minimalist Journals. Simple tie closure, compact and easy to carry around. Makes an awesome stocking stuffer!


Please note, not all colour combo options are pictured. If you have a preference, feel free to message us and we'll accommodate whenever possible. 


This journal is made to order or has been recreated. The photos depict the colours and style offered. Since this is a handmade item, there may be some slight variations between the image and the product created for you. Message us if you have questions or requests!


We offer these leather journals in various colours with leather binding that compliments or contrasts nicely. We are keeping these minimalist style journals simple, using a basic tie closure so that we can offer more options in terms of pricing. We use less hardware and significantly less time to make them. We use the same high quality, heavyweight, acid-free, mixed media art paper as in our premium journals. The paper has a natural white colour, a medium tooth, and is excellent for pencils, coloured pencils, and charcoal, as well as pen-and-ink, markers, oil pastels, and most wet media.acid free, multimedia art paper. 


Our journals are slow-made in Canada, meaning they are made by hand, by us. We offer a range of colours and styles, each journal is truly unique. 




These journals can be used in a traditional way - to explore thoughts and emotions, cultivate gratitude, make plans, track goals, remember your travels, and to express yourself artistically. There are many other special ways to use these journals - our customers have used them as photo albums, guestbooks for weddings or memorials, as well as guestbooks for cabins and vacation rentals. They are also used to commemorate graduation and for traditional wedding anniversary gifts: 1st year is paper and 3rd year is leather. Customers have used our journals as a keepsake recipe book and to take notes when learning a hobby they're passionate about (like glassblowing!). New parents can use our special and unique bound diaries to journal throughout their pregnancies - it can enhance bonding and makes an amazing keepsake that can be given to the child when they are older. We've also had plenty of love-struck romantics looking to use our leather bound books to journal, scrapbook and commemorate a special relationship.


Purchasing a journal like this or any other slow made item also helps demonstrate the importance of the Slow Made Movement in fashion and culture. The emphasis is shifting from cheap / easy / disposable to lasting quality and craftsmanship made with heart and soul. For ecologic, economic and personal or spiritual reasons, we are all gradually embracing this mindset. This is more than a book with a leather sleeve slapped over top of it! Its a unique, hand-made book that we took great pleasure in creating. Each one is a little different and a lot special!!

Pocket Journal

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