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Top 5 Reasons To Journal About Weed

There are all kinds of reasons that people use cannabis from recreation and enjoyment to managing serious health conditions - and everything in between. There are probably just as many reasons to journal about it, but here are our top five!

5. It’s fun! Taking a few minutes to journal about the strains and growers you’ve sampled will give you an interesting cannabis passport to look back on.

4. It’s inspiring. Your weed journal can be the jumping off point that allows you to express some of the thoughts and ideas that may otherwise have been forgotten and lost. Having a journal ready at hand can really help with flow and creativity.

3. It’s useful. Use it to hone your senses, to evaluate and appreciate. Keeping a cannabis tasting journal can help you develop your weed tasting palate and engage all of your senses for the experience.

2. It’s informative. Gain a richer understanding of how the different strains, concentrations, and methods of ingestion affect you. We are incredibly lucky to have such a variety of pot available now. Visiting your local dispensary and wading through the options can be super fun but it can also be a bit overwhelming. It’s helpful to be able to reference what you've tried, how your body-mind-spirit reacted, and then make conscious choices about what type of experience you want to have.

1. It’s grounding. Keeping a weed diary will help ground and ritualize the act of using cannabis. Purposefully engaging all of your senses will root you into your body and into the present moment. The information you gather in your weed journal will help you to more readily use cannabis with intention and to cultivate the best experience for yourself. You will have the option of choosing a different strain and concentration depending on the desired effect, the time of day, what you’re planning to do, and who you’re with. Talk about joyful creation. Just lovely.

"The Cannabis Connoisseur Journal is designed to give shape to a grounding ritual that will help you cultivate the best possible experience for yourself."

We created the Cannabis Connoisseur Journal as a tool to assist with reflection, appreciation, and enjoyment of cannabis. It encourages users to record the qualities and characteristics of the sample and in doing so, to gain awareness of their most beneficial strains.

The idea is to enhance ones capacity to use cannabis intentionally, for a specific desired effect. Determine which strain elevates creativity, focus, or sex-drive; which strain promotes rest and relaxation; which strain alleviates pain or the other symptoms of a medical condition.

The Cannabis Connoisseur Journal is designed to give shape to a grounding ritual that will help you cultivate the best possible experience for yourself.

It can be used individually or with others and is suitable for both new and experienced users. If you're interested in gaining a deeper understanding of how your experiences with cannabis affect you, journaling is a great option!

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